Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fill ya brain with knowledge

about sustainable logging!

Here is my paper outline, followed by my list of references:

I. Introduction: The topic which I will be presenting to you, the reader and listener, will be on sustainable logging. I am writing about it because I feel it is important to re-recognize the useful and abundant resources that are sitting in our backyards. The audiences I am choosing to address are extremists ,like some of the more hardcore Green Peace folks, and current woodsmen who do not practice sustainable harvesting of the land.

II. What: What is happening is that we have become overly reliant on resources that need massive amounts of money and technology to become a usable resource. We are overlooking a crucial resource that regenerates, can be regulated, and effectively farmed like any other crop. There are also clean manners of obtaining trees, and minimally invasive techniques – that cannot be said for most other types of fuel and usable materials that occur naturally.

III. So what: This is important mainly because we are currently living in a region covered in trees, many of which are fantastic types that have a plethora of uses, and any left-overs can be reinvested in heating plants and such. People should care because this is their future. These audiences are important to reach because on one end there is the nay-sayers who think we should stay out of the woods, and opposing them, the other side sees trees as expendable and don't think about the repercussions of over-logging.

IV. Now what? Regulations regarding tree harvest have been implanted and important techniques are being employed to ensure low-impact on the land during harvest, as well as sustainable practices that allow for steady harvest while improving the health of the forest. I think that more needs to be done to address and teach the practices that will result in a healthy ecosystem while providing a steady resource for us to use.

V. Conclusion: I think this is a slightly forgotten area of knowledge and interest. The woods are an under appreciated part of our community. When respected and treated with care, we can take what we need without negative repercussions.

VII. Audience Communication – A PSA, infograph, and perhaps a short video will be used as communication tools to bring this message forward and spread it to the branches of people that ought to (and need to) read about it.

Don't log like Bateman kills; it is messy and unnecessary.

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