Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Moral Compass

Here is an interesting article from NY Times columnist, David Brooks, that discusses our current generation's inability to articulate and formula opinions focused morality:

What do you think?

David wants you to dig a little deeper than, "I feel".


  1. Hey Zach,
    Zoe Emma Peterson, and Andre are the peoples who's blogs i would like to bring up in class tomorrow and i think it would be good to start with a vote on who liked and who disliked the article and ask why.

  2. Sounds great to me. I think that will bring in sufficient discussion to go off of. There are some people in class who has some cool ideas, so I'm going to try and just facilitate and direct the discussion by highlighting different concepts. Between what you have in mind and what I have in mind, I think we can really take this for a ride.