Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sustainable Logging

I will be investigating this concept and practice of sustainable logging for my research project. I will be covering who the major players are in the industry, from the tool makers, logging companies, mills, etc.

I will shine light on how the process works, the different approaches to the job, the benefits of this form of tree harvest, as well as some of the controversies and red tape around the practice. I want looking into who the top advocacy groups are, as well as the whistle-blowers. My target groups will be the people for the practice, as well as the people against the practice. I would like to make an inforgraph in the end as a display of the pros and cons, as well as what I have concluded personally, through my research.

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  1. So much better than last week, Zach...

    I like the INFOGRAPHIC idea...

    Goose your title - make it sexier...

    Dive in with your research!

    This'll be good,